“blackhole” 黑洞-这个名称是怎么来的?

“blackhole” 黑洞-这个名称是怎么来的?


Space holds many mysteries. One of the most fascinating of these is black holes. Although there are still many unanswered questions about black holes, scientists have discovered many interesting things about them.


Why do black holes appear black?
Color is an effect of light reflection – a natural phenomenon. It is why we perceive some things as red, some as blue, and others as green. Black holes do not reflect light.


Why are they holes?
On Earth, gravity helps us stay grounded. On the moon, for example, there is very low gravity. That is astronauts can jump very high on the moon. Black holes have very strong gravity – so strong that no object can escape being sucked into it.


How do black holes come into existence?
One way black holes form is from gravitational collapse. When stars run out of fuel, they die, collapsing in on themselves. If these stars have a very large mass, they form black holes.


Is there any way to spot a black hole?
Because they do not reflect light, black holes are very difficult to observe. But scientists have found a solution. Black holes can be noticed when particles fall into them. Because a lot of energy is created when this happens, it can be detected. Black holes can also be discovered by observing the movement of other objects around them. The direction of their orbit changes when they are near a black hole.


Do black holes differ in size?
Yes, they do. There are four types of black holes: micro, stellar, intermediate mass and supermassive. If black holes attract many stars or combine with other black holes, they become very big. These are called supermassive black holes. Scientists say there is a supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way, our galaxy.


Can black holes disappear?
A theory claims that yes, they can disappear due to radiation. But this has not been proven yet.


There are many things we don’t know about space, and scientists are still working on discovering new and interesting things. Maybe you will become a scientist and be the one to find answers to these questions!


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